About Sentia

We create technology that help us understand behavior and improve experiences in and across the digital and physical world.

Our physical enviroments has great impact on our well-being and everyday behavior. We believe that these experiences can be quantified and improved in many different scenarios, to the benefit of citizens, customers, guests or employees. Wether you wish to make your city more sustainable, your retail experience more engaging, or your office building more efficient - Sentia technology empowers you to do so.

Meet the team

Based In Copenhagen and Dublin

Jacob Lyngbye

Jacob Würtz Lyngbye

Cofounder & CEO

Contact Jacob about buying our services, talks, partnerships, funding and press.

Jacob Lyngbye

Andreas Møller

Cofounder & CTO

Contact Andreas if you are a talented software developer and in search of a job.

Jacob Lyngbye

Frederik Ferbing


Contact Frederik about data protection, privacy, compliance and current projects